With Microsoft releasing Windows 11 soon, there are still many people using Windows 7, either because they refused to, or for some reasons, can’t upgrade to lớn Windows 10. The good thing is, you can still make your Windows 7 look & feel like Windows 10 with just a few clicks. Here are some of the best Windows 10 theme that you can install on Windows 7.

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Note: before doing anything, it is really important khổng lồ have a good and complete backup of your system. This helps you lớn revert back if anything bad happens.

Things You Need

To transform your Windows 7 system lớn look like Window 10, you need to tải về some software và also be ready to lớn restart your system. Below is the software you need to lớn follow through.

Windows 10 transformation pack 7.0 (main software to lớn be installed)

Windows 10 theme for Windows 7 (actual additional theme files)

Additionally, install 7-Zip so that you can easily extract the theme files to lớn your desktop.

Transform Windows 7 into Windows 10

The Windows 10 transformation pack works superbly on existing Windows 7 machines. It helps with a safe installation to produce the closest Windows 10 feel. After downloading the software, save it in an accessible folder and extract the .exe file using 7-zip.

Windows10 Theme Windows7 Transformation to Be Applied
When the Windows 7 system restarts, accept and agree to a desktop license agreement for SysInternals.

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The new “Windows 10” theme allows you khổng lồ work with four virtual desktops. Select the hotkeys. Don’t choose options lượt thích “Alt + F4,” as they are system shortcuts. It’s safer khổng lồ choose “Alt” with numbers.

The new Windows 10-like theme greets you on a Windows 7 desktop. It has two tìm kiếm bars: one on the taskbar và one inside the Start menu. There are tiled placeholders which resemble a “+” sign. You can put any of your favorite apps over these tiles. This is the closest you will get to lớn a Windows 10 theme on a Windows 7 device.

Applying Windows 10 Dark Theme on Windows 7

Using the same above transformation pack, you can have your own customized dark theme. For this, go lớn the search bar inside the Start menu and tìm kiếm for “themes,” You can use Windows 7’s native “change the theme” option khổng lồ achieve a Windows 10-like dark theme.

Choose from among the dark themes, such as “high contrast.” If you have previously installed any other dark themes on your system, you can choose one of those as well.

The selected dark theme will work easily with the Windows 10 Transformation pack. You can import more such dark themes from actual additional theme files link on Deviantart. (See the link under the “Things You Need section.)

Uninstall Windows 10 Theme

If you find you do you not lượt thích your installed Windows 10 theme, uninstalling it is very easy. Again, go to lớn the search bar inside the Start menu và select “uninstall a program.” vày remember that once you uninstall this useful Windows 10-like feature, you can no longer use the tìm kiếm bar in this manner again. Give the Windows 10 theme a proper try before uninstalling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How vì chưng I get Windows 10 features on Windows 7?

Truthfully, the only way khổng lồ get Windows 10 features is to lớn upgrade your Windows 7 to lớn Windows 10. Other than that, you can’t transform your Windows 7 desktop into a Windows 10 one. Windows 10’s Start menu, tìm kiếm bar, và Outlook/Calendar/OneDrive integrations are impossible to achieve in a Windows 7 device. The theme above can only transform the interface, but not the features.

2. Can I tăng cấp from Windows 7 khổng lồ Windows 10?

Yes, you can tăng cấp from Windows 7/8/8.1, but it won’t be không lấy phí any longer. You will have to lớn purchase a separate Windows 10 license. The detailed & complete steps have been covered here. If you’re already using Windows 10, you can always go for a không tính phí re-installation using Microsoft’s official media Creation Tool. This does help in clearing the bugs và slowdowns.

3. Can I migrate from Windows 7 khổng lồ Windows 11?

No. This is because most Windows 7 systems were designed almost a decade ago. Windows 11 is the latest operating system which is only supported in Trusted Platform Module 2.0-ready devices released in the last few years. However, if you have a Windows 10 device, you can freely migrate lớn Windows 11, providing it meets the compatibility requirements.

We have seen here how windows 10 themes can be imported lớn Windows 7. Are you a regular Windows 7 user? Many of us still find this version very dependable for regular computing. Despite the lack of updates, it’s healthy to use Windows 7 with workarounds with its anti-virus, sufficient RAM, and disk management tools.

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