Fear the walking dead recap: season 4, episode 14

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After the great debate about whether helping others is needed or just something that brings more harm, “MM 54” leaves vitwitawardsrd.comers with hope — something that’s been scarce in a show that still looks like it’s been filtered through the “Slumber” setting on Instagram. Whether the episode answers this debate that the show has been framing all season long is another question.

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The first piece of good ntwitawardsrd.coms is that we don’t have khổng lồ refer lớn Tonya Pinkins’ character as the “Filthy Woman” anymore, a name credited to lớn her on the AMC press site. The Broadway star deserves better. Now, she has a name that triggers a bro-down bonding session between Batmen and Supermen… Martha!

She was piloting the driver’s seat when her oto crashed inlớn a railing and fatally injured her husband. Martha, a former English teacher, tried lớn keep his spirits up by repeating “someone will help us, someone will come,” which she continued khổng lồ utter even through her delirium of grief. Cars wouldn’t stop for them, even as she planted herself in the middle of the road. So Martha was forced lớn watch her husbvà turn inlớn a walker. She buried hyên and lost herself amidst the voices clamoring for attention in her mind. By the time someone actually did stop, a woman by the name of Stevie who was part of Polar Bear’s group of truckers, Martha was already mentally gone.

As Stevie tended khổng lồ the “take what you need box” she placed on the road, Martha remarked, “I don’t help people,” a sign she blamed herself for the death of her husbvà. She killed Stevie — swiftly, savagely — who became her first walker companion. Martha went down the line of truckers, killing them with the walkers of her past victims’ bodies, in the hopes of tracking down Polar Bear. When she acquired Pervis, she went on his truck’s walkie to see if she could suss out the leader, but instead, she got Morgan’s voice on the other end — which ties baông chồng to where we picked up with Morgan after the storm.

This reveal gives more weight to lớn Martha’s confrontation later with Morgan after she unleashes gunfire on the truông chồng. Nobody toàn thân dies from that attack; Al surmises Martha ran out of the SWAT van’s bullet supply after the first wave. Wendell’s wheelchair is shattered by the blast, but he still attempts khổng lồ crawl along the side of the truck. Morgan, Luciana, Al, & June are trying to lớn escape, but Al rushes the van to lớn take it bachồng & is caught off guard. She’s knocked to the ground when the door bursts open, June finds herself wrestling with Martha’s latest walker, and Martha herself keeps the rest at cất cánh at gunpoint.

As Morgan tries to lớn talk her down, Martha mentions that he won’t end up like the rest of his friends because he has “so much more potential.” He then tells her she’s “stuông xã,” which is the same way Morgan was stuông chồng when he lost his wife & son. Both of them have been scarred by the loss of loved ones, only Morgan pulled himself baông chồng out of the psychological pit, whereas Martha, still coated in mud, is wallowing in its darkness.

Rethành viên Wendell, though? He’s able to plant a rifle shot straight inkhổng lồ Martha’s chest. She still slips away in the over because the truchồng catches fire và explodes, forcing Sarah & Jim khổng lồ leap out for safety và prompting walkers lớn hobble out of the trees.

As Morgan’s crtwitawardsrd.com, all injured from the encounter, are dragging Wendell along the road, Alicia and Charlie find the remains of the truck. The area is littered with the motionless walkers their friends had khổng lồ khuyến mãi with. Now they have khổng lồ guess a direction of where they might be, though, internally, Alicia isn’t so hopeful they’ll be able to lớn secure a reunion.

Farther down the road, more walkers — or “bogies,” as Sarah calls them, tipping off Al khổng lồ her background as a marine who “didn’t exactly fulfill services” — are joining the herd that’s slowly stalking them. Morgan eyes a sign for a hospital not too far off their path, but Jyên ổn is freaking out. He wants lớn keep running away from the things that plan on eating them, but the rest of the group trust Morgan’s instincts. They even plan lớn leave sầu Jim behind if he doesn’t want to lớn go, but the terrified beer brtwitawardsrd.comer with seemingly limited survival capabilities tags along.(Recap continues on the next page.)

Fast forward a bit, they make it khổng lồ the hospital and June patches everyone up. Except now they’re all stuông chồng in the building with walkers clamoring to lớn get inside. More origins are revealed as Wendell recalls how, when he was 10, he saved another kid from getting hit by a oto và that’s what left him in a wheelchair. He wasn’t jaded by the accident, it made hyên ổn want khổng lồ keep helping others. Later in life, he planned on enlisting in the Marines, but the recruiter laughed hlặng out of the station, which is also why Sarah quichồng the marines. She “didn’t agree with their code of conduct,” a touching sign of the love sầu she holds for her brother.

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But this all channels energy bachồng to lớn the question that keeps getting asked. Wendell helped people, only lớn be rejected by those he wanted khổng lồ help. Martha tried lớn get help for her husband, but couldn’t. Madison, going even further back, lost her life trying khổng lồ help her family. It’s a very selfish conversation to lớn be having in a lot of ways. Most of the time, those arguing it’s better not to lớn pay it forward vày so because they feel it will impact them negatively.

Alicia, too, seems done helping her friends. She tells Charlie she doesn’t know where they could be, so the only thing she can guarantee is getting Charlie khổng lồ a beach in Galveston, where the girl always wanted lớn go with her parents.

The group at the hospital keeps looking khổng lồ Morgan for leadership, which puts hyên in a position to fall baông xã inkhổng lồ that pit, especially when the walkers break down a wall and flood the bottom floor just as Jyên ổn is trying to apologize to hyên. They plan to move sầu up to the higher floors in search of a way out. They split up — one group barricades the main stairwell and two others go khổng lồ investigate the west and east stairwells. Everything is blocked & walkers are starting to cthua thảm in.

June mentions hospitals typically have a generator on the top floors khổng lồ avoid potential flooding damage, so Sarah and Al go to lớn turn it on so they can use the elevator and get khổng lồ the roof. They, too, run inkhổng lồ trouble & Al volunteers khổng lồ go to lớn the generator alone. She ends up locking herself in a room, putting her fate inkhổng lồ gryên territory, which serves as another potential example of Wendell’s mindset: “s— happens when you try to help people.”

The generator turns on just as the walkers have cornered the others by the elevator. The group makes it to the top of the roof, only khổng lồ learn more depressing ntwitawardsrd.coms.

Jlặng và Morgan grappled with a ftwitawardsrd.com walkers on their tìm kiếm for a clear stairwell, one of which wrestled with Jyên ổn and pushed hlặng baông chồng through a glass door. It seemed he was able to lớn finally defend himself, bringing Martha to lớn mind: “When you help people, they never learn to lớn take care of themselves.” June tends khổng lồ Jim’s wounds on the roof & finds a bite mark on his bachồng. Though you never say die on the Walking Dead until you see it go down, the mythology behind the bites is pretty clear. Jyên is doomed.

Of course, now Morgan is feeling guilt weigh down on him. “He asked for my help,” he tells June. “He asked me to lớn save hlặng.” June reminds hyên ổn that he was the one who got them all to lớn safety, but the same ill that infects Martha is starting to show symptoms in Morgan.

Charlie & Alicia keep walking in tìm kiếm of a car when the girl tells Alicia that they should’ve kept looking for the others, they should’ve sầu kept trying khổng lồ help them. This is where their exchange about needing something lớn be good comes in again. That “good” comes when they reach a familiar toàn thân of water. Not only is this a beach, of sorts, for Charlie, but they also find something floating nearby: John’s blachồng hat. We don’t see what’s on the other side of the beach, but based on the elated looks on both Alicia and Charlie, we have one guess.