Andrew Garfield responds khổng lồ a question about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in a hilariously secretive fashion. Garfield starred as the titular character in Sony"s 2012 film The Amazing Spiderman, a reboot of the company"s Spider-Man franchise that initially starred Tobey Maguire in the lead role. Garfield also starred in the subsequent sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, released in 2014, which was critically panned, but still made an impressive $709 million at the box office.

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Both in films & comic books, the Spider-Man franchise notoriously contains an extensive list of parallel universes và canons. Over the years, spectators have witnessed many different iterations of the superhero on the big screen, with Tom Holland"s MCU version being the most recent. With this influx of Holland"s portrayal of Spider-Man in the cultural eye, Garfield"s portrayal seemed an artifact of the past. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home reintroduced audiences khổng lồ Garfield"s Spidey, fueling new rumors that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 might eventually get made.

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During a red-carpet interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Garfield masterfully dodges a question that illustrates the continued interest in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. The actor was asked about updates regarding a possible third entry in his Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Unfortunately, Garfield replies that he has no news lớn share và acknowledges his response might not have much weight with audiences. After his extended effort to lớn lie about his involvement in No Way Home, even in the face of set leaks, Garfield doubts anyone will ever take anything he says seriously again. Kiểm tra out his full quote below:


Garfield cheekily dodges the question by referring to lớn his now-infamous oath of secrecy regarding his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Both Maguire và Garfield appear in the film, playing alternate versions of Peter Parker from different universes. The team at Marvel Studios planned their appearances as a surprise for the audience. As such, Garfield adamantly denied involvement in the film up until the film"s release in theater. His appearance thrilled spectators, and thus the Oscar-nominated Garfield"s career has re-focused on The Amazing Spider-Man discourse again.

While fans might harbor preferences for certain portrayals of the beloved superhero, the inclusion of all three actors in No Way Home speaks to lớn the distinct legacy of each of their iterations of Spider-Man. Considering that Maguire & Garfield"s Spidey"s originate from Sony Pictures, their inclusion in such a coveted Marvel film exemplifies continued public interest in the franchise and the actor"s willingness to participate in updated movies. Therefore, while Garfield remained indeterminate in his statement regarding The Amazing Spider-Man 3, one hopes he only employed such ambiguity khổng lồ mask an exciting new adventure for Peter Parker on the horizon.


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