Pokemon Black and White Game tải về is developed by the game Freak & Published by The Pokemon Company. You can get the Pokemon Black and White download full 100% Working download link at the kết thúc of this review. Black và White version has a fantastic linear story, following different events và missions included in the game. The main player tries to become a Master Pokemon, for this he/she try to accomplish all the tasks in the game. The Pokedex of the Pokemon Black và White Game tải về is update now having about 156 new Pokemon & Franchises.

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Basic Info about Pokemon Black và White Version GBA ROM:
Snapshots of Pokemon Black and White trò chơi Download:
Pokemon Black & White Walkthrough và Gameplay:
Battle Frontier:
Main Goal of the Player:
Evil Team Plasma:
Elite Four & Champion:
Team Plasma & Other Team’s Encounters:
About Battle và Graphics:
Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Black và White Game download :
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Basic Info about Pokemon Black and White Version GBA ROM:

Game full Name: Pokemon Black and White GameRelease Year: 2011Developers: game FreakPublishers: The Pokemon CompanyDistributors: NintendoSetup Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Black & White trò chơi Download:



Pokemon Black & White Walkthrough and Gameplay:

As playing the role of young Boy/Girl, the main focus you have to do is to lớn become the Master Pokemon. It’s one of the best role-playing single player game. You can navigate between the battle screen & the menu screen as well. The whole story is based in Unova region where the young character is trying to lớn become a successful person in the society.

Remember that Unova region is one of the amazing attractive regions. Having all the Tall buildings và a Bridge is present in the region. As the game begins it will ask you lớn enter a specific character khổng lồ play the game. You can choose a Boy or girl, whatever your heart says to you. Then after this interval, you as a Teenager will have to lớn select one of the starter pokemon from Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott.

Professor Juniper is the main character in the game, as he will guide you in all of your journies. You have khổng lồ keep in mind that the cheren và Bianca are the two characters và teams that will always battle with you in any conditions. They will fight with you and they are also against each other.

Battle Frontier:

The newest iteration of the Pokemon series, Black và White, features a new region called Unova. This region has many differences from the previous regions, specifically the lack of established Gyms. The Battle Frontier is an area in Unova with several facilities for battle training. After completing certain objectives, you are rewarded with symbols that can be used khổng lồ battle other players over Nintendo WiFi Connection. Trainers have been going on a rampage trying lớn catch all 649 different types of Pokemon. However, a lot of people have been complaining that they can’t get their hands on a shiny Pokemon. There’s no such thing as catching them without trading with someone else or hacking the game. When you trade with another trainer, you get 550 Poke Dollars for every trade, but trading is very time consuming.

The Battle Frontier is a set of five differently themed areas that trainers can explore và battle against different gym Leaders. The Battle frontier is a new addition khổng lồ Pokemon Black & White. In this particular installment, there are four new battles lớn partake in including the Battle Tower which is located at the vị trí cao nhất of the Battle Pyramid. With the release of over 700 new Pokemon, many trainers have been wondering about what’s next. It is a natural progression to lớn move from the original 151 starters to all 721 new Pokemon. Luckily, both Black và White have a lot in store for their players. The first expansion pack, dubbed the Battle Frontier, offers a variety of new challenges for those who have reached the endgame in both games.

Main Goal of the Player:

As a teenager in the area of Unova, your main goal is lớn collect about 8 Gyms badges in the game. For collecting them you have lớn meet with all the gym leaders in the area. Some of the thể hình leaders are nice personalities. Remember that after collecting all the gym badges that you require, you have khổng lồ enter the Pokemon league as well. You will be consider as champion if you are able khổng lồ win the Pokemon league in any case. The main player will be champion if he/she wins the Pokemon League.

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Evil Team Plasma:

Team Plasma is an organization in Pokemon Black và White. They first appeared as a group of thieves who first steal your Pokemon và then try lớn control the world by using a legendary Dragon-type named Reshiram. When you first arrive at their headquarters you’ll see Ghetsis, the leader of the group, standing on a podium with three other grunts. He will tell you lớn give up fighting và that he has no more need for it. This time, Team Plasma’s role is one of a villainous organization who wants to free Pokemon from their Trainers. Their goal is lớn liberate all Pokemon from human influence because they believe that humans are evil & Pokemon should be không tính phí from their grasp. They recruit people into their team by teaching them that humans are worthless which leads khổng lồ a lot of trouble for everyone else.

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From the moment it was released, people have been hooked on catching all of the Pokemon, competing with their friends in the gym system, & just exploring. One thing that has been on many fans’ minds is the evil team Plasma led by Ghetsis. These terrible creatures steal Pokemon from trainers và deny a person a chance khổng lồ be a trainer by removing their ability to see Pokemon until they beat the Elite Four. Evil Team Plasma is a team of people who are fighting lớn take over the Unova region. They created Team Plasma, which was formed khổng lồ oppose the other regional teams. The members of Team Plasma appear khổng lồ go after any Pokemon so they can use them for their own purposes, but they also believe that Pokemon trainers are abusing their powers and oppressing Pokemon. Their ultimate goal is to take over the world by capturing all of the Pokemon in Unova & then ruling them with an iron fist.

Elite Four và Champion:

In the newest addition to the Pokemon games, the Elite Four và Champion have been vastly improved from their counterparts in previous games. In each of these four battles, trainers will be fighting against a group of four thể hình leaders with repertoires that are stronger than ever before. The first battle is always against a grass type thể hình leader who specializes in special attacks & has a wide variety of status conditions lớn inflict on their opponents. Challenging group of elite trainers that you must defeat all four of before challenging the Champion. The Elite Four consist of: Drayden, the rồng master; Caitlin, the psychic; Grimsley, the Dark-type trainer; & Marshal, who specializes in Fighting-types.

The Elite Four and Champion in the video game Pokemon Black và White, is much lượt thích their predecessors: a group of people who specialize in a specific kind of pokemon và hold positions of power over the population. They each play a role in the world; for example, one person may be recognized as the strongest trainer in battle while another may be renowned for his skill with pokemon capture. The Elite Four are all trainers that have been through rigorous training lớn become the strongest trainers around. The Elite Four is the major obstacle that the player faces before being able to lớn battle the Champion. In previous games, they would consist of four trainers from a variety of different regions. In Black and White, however, this is not true. There are two trainers from Unova, two from Kanto/Johto, và one from Hoenn/Sinnoh. Also, try Also, try Pokemon Black và White 3 Genesis

It introduce five new Elite Four members. These members are much stronger than the Elite Four members in previous generations, which means players will have to use their best strategies in order to defeat them. The Elite Four also includes a new member called Caitlin, who specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon. The Elite Four and Champion of the most recent Pokemon game, Black & White, are the strongest trainers in the game. They are located at the end of Victory Road, which is on their way khổng lồ fighting them. The four trainers are Aaron, Bertha, Flint, & Lucian. Their teams consist of mostly Rock-type Pokemon that have good defense but bad speed. This leaves them open to being swept by faster attacks from other types.

Team Plasma và Other Team’s Encounters:

One of the interesting facts of the Pokemon Black and White game download is that the Team Plasma is present in the game. They are own by the N player. You will have khổng lồ encounter the team plasma and other teams that are challenging you in your way. Always remember that you will have lớn encounter different team players in the league as well.

About Battle and Graphics:

The battle system in the Pokemon Black and White ROM game is updated with several new features. Now there are different teams present which are against you và want to battle with you. Using the different tactics you will be able khổng lồ play the trò chơi battles easily và your HP (Hit points ) will be increase this way.

Also, the Graphics of the game are now updated from the previous versions of Pokemon Diamon and Pearl rom. Some thực đơn systems are updated, now the main player dialogues boxes shapes are new. They are in the Speech Balloons.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Black & White Game tải về :

Graphics are new.The thực đơn systems are new và attractive.Speech Balloons instead of dialogues boxes.Professor Juniper.Sprites are fully animated.About 156 new Pokemon.Triple Battles & rotation battles.Capture some new Pokemon.Two main screens.Unova region is present.

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