Foreword1 The talkshow 2 The 1st Day of the progra 3 Visit to lớn Orphans House 4 ...... 5 What?? 6 Now what?? 7 Oh My Gucci!! 8 He stole my first kiss!! 9 Junghwa replacing Hyun Ah 10 First Shooting With Jungh 11 Hyun Ah kidnapped?!?!? 12 Junghwa kill Amelia?? 13 Jong Up surrender 14 Hyun Ah hate Sehun 15 Ljoe Mad!!! 16 The Truth Reveal 17 Here I come!!! 18 It"s just a dream? 19 Hyun Ah Diary reveal trăng tròn Her secret....where is it 21 The last episode

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Sehun was asked by a reality show about the We"ve got married. Sehun was asked does he want to join the programme. He exactly love to lớn join it. They asked him, who will be his partner for the We"ve got married programme. He answered, Junghwa from EXID. Everyone was shocked. But they were not match together. But Sehun will be match with a girl from new JYP girl group. She come from New York, she"s beautiful with black hair and fluent in english. Even other Exo"s members were jealous to lớn Sehun because he will match with the girl. When Sehun brought her to the Exo"s dorm, the 11 other guy treat her well. Sehun felt really jealous but he still ego lớn fall in love with junghwa from EXID. Will Sehun fall in love with the girl named Han Hyun Ah?




Han Hyun Ah (JYP new girl group/SIESTA)


- 17 years old

- kind hearted girl fluent in english, soft spoken

- love to dance

- face of the group in SIESTA


Oh Sehun


- 18 years old

- Exo-K members

- sometimes romantic & sometimes cold...

- high cấp độ of ego


Amelia Lunde


-5 years old

- genius child

- love Sehun và Hyun Ah together


Junghwa EXID


- 17 years old

- quite evil to lớn hyun ah

- fall in love with sehun


Park Min Rin

- 17 years old

- maknae of SIESTA

- close khổng lồ Hyun Ah

- main dancer of SIESTA


Kim Min Ra



-18 years old

- Hyun Ah bestie

- always want the best for her friends

-love to lớn bully Min Rin


Min Min Mi


-18 years old

- leader of siesta




- all of them loves Hyun Ah

-kai is Hyun Ah biased

- love to tease Sehun with Hyun Ah

-Only Chen support Sehun with Junghwa


We Got Married Season 6: Sehun & Hyun Ah

When they were fate together. When two hearts met. When there"s no way out lớn express it. When no one know the power nguồn of love. Everything will changed if the fate was wrote.

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