Laptops are sturdy pieces of hardware and generally durable no matter what you put it through. However, there may be times when you’ll notice your máy tính not charging at all. When that happens, there are several ways to lớn mitigate disaster.

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Faulty connector
Disconnect and reconnect the nguồn cables & the AC adapter.
Plug the charger back into the laptop.

If the wall outlet is working, but the LED indicator doesn’t light up, you may have to lớn buy a new charger. This phenomenon doesn’t usually indicate a faulty port, but you should be prepared for the possibility.

You can run a Dell ePSA hardware diagnostic chạy thử to troubleshoot the issue further. Here are the steps:

Turn your máy tính on.Tap F12 repeatedly until the One Time Boot menu pops up when you see the Dell logo.Follow the instructions.
Contact Dell Technical tư vấn for further assistance.

Dell máy tính xách tay Not Charging With USB-C

Some Dell laptops have USB-C chargers instead of other proprietary sạc pin designs. These laptops already ship with a designated charger, which can be replaced. However, when it malfunctions, it’s usually due lớn a faulty USB-C port or the motherboard.

Here are some ways to lớn potentially solve the problem:

Ensure the wall outlet is working.Unplug and reinsert the charger.
Unplug the charging cable.
Check if your máy tính xách tay is charging.

Since you don’t need the charging brick, it doesn’t come into play here.

Using different wattages will prevent charging, và you’ll have lớn use another docking station if that’s the case. Of course, loose cables & an improper connection can be fixed by following the steps above. Reattaching everything tends to solve loose connections.

In other cases, a BIOS update can cause issues with the charger, making it impossible for your máy tính xách tay to detect it. Should that happen, you may have khổng lồ perform a BIOS update. These are the steps khổng lồ perform a manual update:

Find your Dell laptop model.From “Category,” select “BIOS.”Download the file.Follow the installer’s instructions.After your computer restarts, your BIOS should be updated.

BIOS updates can solve driver issues but won’t fix hardware. If this solution doesn’t work, it’s most likely any of the options mentioned above.

Dell máy tính Not Charging When Turned Off

You expect your máy tính xách tay to charge when plugged in, especially when it’s turned off. However, some users experience situations where they can’t start their computer without using the charger. And when it turns on, it may display 0% battery remaining.

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One possible culprit may be the microchip Dell uses to lớn detect genuine batteries. The cpu may malfunction và not detect the battery. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this situation.

Depending on your máy tính xách tay model, you may need tools, but the solution will take less time if you can remove the battery immediately.

Drain the battery by pressing & holding the power nguồn button for 30 seconds.
Turn the máy tính on after plugging in the charger.Reinsert the battery.
Reboot the computer.

If done correctly, you’ll reset the microchip inside your Dell laptop. However, if you’re not confident in doing this yourself, especially with a fixed battery, you can bring it to a store for repairs.

Dell máy vi tính Not Charging lớn 100%

A fully-charged battery is what people would expect after several hours of charging, but sometimes problems arise from extended use. A máy tính xách tay battery used often will wear out eventually, and one symptom is not reaching a 100% charge after a long time.

It might only reach 90% or more, but never full. Thus, you’re missing out on about half an hour of battery life.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this scenario. Here are the steps:

Drain your laptop battery until it’s less than 10%.Shut down.Charge your laptop.After several hours, come back & turn the laptop on.It should reach 100%.

Sometimes, the battery is not at fault but the driver. A quick uninstall and reinstall may solve the problem in this case:

Press Windows + R keys.
In the Device Manager, look for the Batteries option.
Right-click on “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.”
Confirm the choice.

Of course, there are other causes, such as problematic AC adapters & more. You can always troubleshoot khổng lồ pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

Say Goodbye to lớn Battery Issues

Most of the time, battery và charging issues require replacement chargers or hardware. In the best cases, some problems can be addressed at trang chủ with the help of tools. However, always consult a professional for the best course of action when in doubt.

Have you ever encountered any of these problems? Which solution worked best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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