Download MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi lưu ý 3: MIUI MHOMIED global stable ROM can be downloaded for Redmi note 3. The stable update is made available for selected users over OTA prompt & if you’re quite excited khổng lồ get the firmware without waiting more, you can tải về MIUI MHOMIED global stable ROM for Redmi lưu ý 3 from here & we’ll guide you how to install it on your device.

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The previous global stable version for cảnh báo 3 was & with this firmware, you can directly update your device lớn the latest build. As of now, xiaomi mi didn’t release the fastboot version of the build; which means, the firmware can only be installed as recovery ROM. You might have known that recovery ROMs don’t require PC or external thiết bị di động suite applications to get installed on a device.


In this tutorial, I will guide you how khổng lồ install MIUI global stable firmware on your Redmi chú ý 3. You can either directly nâng cấp from the previous stable version or from previous builds. The procedure is quite similar lớn the methods which I have described in my older articles.

Manually updating Redmi lưu ý 3 with MIUI global stable ROM doesn’t void warranty or erase data within the device. The update procedure uses the phone’s stock recovery và obviously, this is a recovery ROM. So it should not be confused with the fastboot ROM. I will be updating the post with the fastboot method once I fetch the URL for the same.

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How to lớn Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi note 3 – Kenzo

Recovery ROM Method

Now rename the ROM zip khổng lồ ‘’ and xuất hiện the Updater ứng dụng on your cảnh báo 3.Tap on the 3 dots on the đứng top right corner & select ‘Choose update package’.It will mở cửa up the explorer. Just select the file you renamed và let the updater verify the ROM.Once the verification is done, you will be asked to reboot lớn recovery. Proceed with that & the phone will install the ROM package in the recovery.Once it completes the installation, the device will reboot lớn the system automatically. Enjoy the stable update.

Make sure you’ve kept minimum 30% battery juice on your Redmi chú ý 3 else the update won’t start. As far as I tried, the MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi chú ý 3 update takes around 30 minutes to lớn complete the process.

This guide explained how to download and install MIUI global stable ROM on Redmi chú ý 3. If you had any difficulties while downloading or installing the same, let us know via comments.

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