What is a Network Security Key?

A Network Security Key is a password or digital signature that is entered as an authorization lớn gain access to a wireless network. It allows you to establish a secure connection between the user requesting for access and the network. It also helps you to lớn authenticate your home/office network and protects it from any unauthorized or unwanted access.

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In this Networking tutorial, you will learn:

Why bởi you need Network Security?

Here are reasons for using Network Security:

Network security helps you khổng lồ ensure that the entire network is secure.It helps you lớn protect the usability, reliability, & safety of network và data.Network security defeats a variety of website threats from entering or spreading into the network.It helps you lớn make sure that the data is available, which only to the intended và authorized persons.Provide authentication và access control for resources

Types of Network Security Key

There are mainly three types of security key:

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)WEP (Wired Equivalent PrivacyWPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)

Let’s study them in detail:

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

WPA network security key encrypts information và checks to lớn ensure that the network security key has not been modified. The full form of WPA is Wi-Fi Protected Access.

It also verifies users khổng lồ help ensure that only authorized people able lớn access this network. WPA network security key is designed to lớn work with all wireless network adapters. However, it may not work with older access points or routers.


AWEP key is a security password (key) for WiFi-enabled devices. It allows connected devices on a network lớn exchange encrypted messages while blocking all messages from being easily decoded và read by outsiders.

WEP keys are a sequence of characters which is taken from the numbers 0 to 9, và the letters A to F. For example, the WEP key could be F45HI00WR3.

The required length of a WEP key could be 10, 26, or 58 characters long. However, it depends on which WEP version is running in your system.

WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)

WPA key is designed to work with all wireless network adapters. However, it might not work with access points.

Therefore, using a security protocol with a pre-shared key (PSK) authentication. In the case of enterprise users, WPA2 password is used for an enterprise authentication server.

How to Find Network Security Key for Windows?

Here is a step by step process khổng lồ find network security Key for Windows:

For Windows

Step 1) Find network icon.Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar.

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When you enter the password và if a message appears that there is a network security key mismatch, then it means that the combination of characters that you are entering khổng lồ get access to the network is incorrect. It doesn’t match with the password set for your network.

How to Fix Network Security Key Mismatch Error?

There are various methods to lớn resolve the issue, & we can try them khổng lồ get the right security key.

Here are some common widely used method to lớn resolve such issue:

Foremost reason for network key mismatch is that when we enter a wrong password. So, you need khổng lồ make sure that you will enter the letters in the upper và lower case exactly in the same way as defined as a network key.If you are entering the right password và if still, the problem persists, then restart your device lượt thích restart the router or PC whichever you are using. Sometimes the device will hang, and when you give a restart, it will start working regularly.Some times Wi-Fi network which you are trying khổng lồ access is not compatible with your device. So it is showing a password mismatch message. Hence, you need to check which version of the Wi-Fi network your device can support.However, if it not resolved then you need to reset the entire system. Then you need lớn login into the router and then create a new network name.Again search for the network that you want to lớn connect with & then showroom the new network security key.

Is Network Security Key Same as The Password?

The security key is generally used with routers và modems, where for each network SSID is a unique & different type of security key named as WPA or WPA2 key or passphrase, which depends upon the maker of the network device.

But in general, when we are accessing the internet services from an apk phone, the security key will be displayed as the password for activating the services.

Therefore, both are the same, however, different terminologies are used depending on the makers of the device, kind of the device, and network environment that is being deployed.

Advantages of Network Security Key

Here, are some important advantages of Network Security Key:

Using the Network Security key, you can protect the personal data of clients existing on the network.Network Security key offers complete security of information that is shared between computers on the network.Hacking virus or spyware attacks from the internet will not harm physical computers.External possible attacks are prevented.

Where is the network security key on my router?

You can find the network security key on the side of your router marked as a “Security Key.”


The Network Security Key means the password, which helps you lớn authenticate your home/office network.Network security helps you khổng lồ ensure that the entire network is secure.Three types of network security keys are 1) WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) 2) WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy 3) WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)WPA network security key encrypts information & checks to ensure that the network security key has not been modified.A WEP key is a security password (key) for WiFi-enabled devices.WPA key is designed lớn work with all wireless network adapters.The router’s network security key is mostly labeled on the hardware, which is marked as the “security key”, WPA key”, “WEP key” or “passphrase.”You must change the mặc định Wi-Fi password when you get a new router or access point.The biggest benefit of using the network security key WiFi is that you can protect the personal data of clients existing on the network.

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